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| Last Updated:: 27/02/2017


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is ENVIS?

    ENVIS Stands for Environment Information System. Realising the importance of Environmental Information, the Government of India, in December, 1982, established an Environmental Information System (ENVIS) as a plan programme. The focus of ENVIS since inception has been on providing environmental information to decision makers, policy planners, scientists and engineers, research workers, etc. all over the country. Since environment is a broad-ranging, multi-disciplinary subject, a comprehensive information system on environment would necessarily involve effective participation of concerned institutions/ organisations in the country that are actively engaged in work relating to different subject areas of environment. ENVIS has, therefore, developed itself with a network of such participating institutions/organisations for the programme to be meaningful. A large number of nodes, known as ENVIS Centres, have been established in the network to cover the broad subject areas of environment with a Focal Point in the Ministry of Environment & Forests.

  2. What is the purpose of this website?

    Purpose of this website was to give detail related to environment-population-human settlement. What environmental activities are going on in the region, providing data related to the topics with their source etc.

  3. What are the objectives of Pop-ENVIS Centre?
    • Creation of website on Population and Environment with regional language interface.
    • Monthly compilation of News items on Population and Environment.
    • Identification of information/data gaps in the specified subject areas and action taken to fill these gaps.
    • Database creation on Population and Environment.
    • Contribution of news items for ENVIS newsletter on monthly basis.
    • To establish and operate a distributed clearinghouse to answer and channel queries related to the allocated subject.
    • To establish linkages with information users, carriers and providers from among government, academia, business and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

  4. Overall how many ENVIS Centres are there and where we can get the detail?

    There are around 70 Envis Centres in all over India which are assigned with different subjects and topics. Details of all envis center is available on

  5. How many envis centres are there in Maharashtra and working on which topics and how we can connect to them?

  6. There are 6 envis centre in maharashtra working on different topics such as :

    • Avian Ecology including Inland, Wetlands
      Hosted by Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS), Mumbai (
    • Hazardous Waste
      Hosted by CSIR- National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (CSIR-NEERI), Nagpur (
    • Management of Plastic, Polymer Wastes and Biopolymers, Impacts of Plastic on Eco-System
      Hosted by Indian Centre for Plastics in the Environment, Mumbai (
    • Population, Human Settlement and Environment
      Hosted by International Institute for Population Sciences, Mumbai (
    • Status of Environment and Related Issues
      Hosted by Directorate of Environment, Govt. of Maharashtra (
    • Urban Municipal Waste Management
      Hosted by National Solid Waste Association of India (NSWAI), Mumbai (

  7. Which is the biggest slum in Mumbai and what is the total crowd of it and what are the issues faced by them in their daily routine.

    The largest slum in Mumbai is Dharavi. It currently covers an area of 217 hectares. Total population estimates vary between 300,000 to about 1 million. Dharavi has severe problems with public health, due to scarcity of toilet facilities, spread of contagious diseases, inadequate drinking water supply etc. (Source: )